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#Tujereng Wood

Discover Tujereng Wood

Tujereng Wood, an open woodland with scattered trees along the Atlantic Ocean coastline, is a captivating destination located approximately 40 minutes' drive from most of your coastal hotels. This unique area offers a tranquil environment and a chance to observe various bird species in their natural habitat.

Among the bird species you may encounter in Tujereng Wood are the Singing Cisticola, Winding Cisticola, White-Fronted Black Chat, Brown-Backed Woodpecker, White-Backed Vulture, Lanner Falcon, Booted Eagle, Brubru Shrike, Dark Chanting Goshawk, and more.

#Farasutu Forest

Explore Farasutu Forest

Farasutu Forest, just a 40-minute drive from your coastal hotels, is a community bird-watching reserve that offers a unique blend of natural beauty. This reserve is characterized by a diverse landscape, with 30 percent of the river bank covered by mangroves. Behind the mangroves, you'll find a vegetable garden and the enchanting gallery forest.

During your visit, you'll have the chance to spot remarkable bird species, including the Sulphur-Breasted Bush Shrike, African Goshawk, Green Crombek, Grayish Eagle Owl, Pied-Winged Swallow, Northern White-Faced Owl, and more.

#Brufut Forest

Discover Brufut Forest

Brufut Forest, a community reserve protected by the West African Bird Study Association (WABSA), is nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, just 2 to 3 km from the sea and approximately 25 minutes' drive from most of your coastal hotels. This enchanting reserve provides a unique opportunity to witness nightjars during the daytime at an incredibly close range of two meters.

Some of the captivating birds you can observe in Brufut Forest include the African Green Pigeon, African Golden Oriole, Pearl-Spotted Owl, Long-Tailed Nightjar, Swallow-Tailed Bee-Eater, Red-Necked Falcon, Yellow-Throated Leaflove, and more.


Explore Marakisa

Marakisa, located 5 kilometers south of Brikama and just 40 minutes from your coastal hotels, is a diverse area offering a variety of habitats, including woodland, rice fields, swamps, scrubs, and ponds within the Marakisa Creek. The creek hosts a couple of tourist camps, each equipped with superb pools for bird observation. Additionally, visitors can hire canoes from the camps to explore the creek.

Among the numerous bird species you may encounter in Marakisa are the Yellow-Throated Leaflove, Greater and Lesser Honeyguide, African Golden Oriole, Red-Shouldered Cuckoo, Beaudouin's Snake Eagle, Red-Necked Falcon, Northern Crombec, and more.

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